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College for Appraisers
Furniture II - Neo-Classical – Mid-Century
The Influence of Style and the Industrial Revolution
24 Hour Course – On Campus and Distance Learning


The course traces the history of furniture beginning with the elegant simplicity of the Neoclassical style of the 19th century. Although the course is basically chronological, the overlapping themes of style and design are carefully considered: from the influence of English and French design on American furniture, to the stylistic revivals of the Victorian era; the sinuous curves of Art Nouveau; and the geometry of the Arts & Crafts movement. Also considered are the effects of the Industrial Revolution on furniture design, production, and the markets for Art Deco and 1950s furniture both during those periods and the present.

Specific attention is given to items most commonly found in the current marketplace. Learning to recognize re-purposed pieces and reproductions is an additional major focus.

This course is designed to develop the skills, judgment and competence to identify, evaluate and value furniture for the appraiser and collector. Students will master features of the prominent styles and makers as clues to identifying, dating and valuing.

This course includes two exams and three written appraisal reports. Grades are based on A (90 – 100); B (80 – 89); C (70 – 79); D (60-69)


Furniture II – Neo-Classical – Mid-Century, College for Appraisers

Recommended Texts
Our course materials are intended to integrate and coordinate among the many excellent furniture books available. We recommend the following:

Encyclopedia of Furniture, 3d Ed., Joseph Aronson, Random House, 1961
Bullfinch Anatomy of Antique Furniture, An Illustrated Guide to Identifying Period, Detail, and Design, Tim Forrest and Paul Atterbury, Bulfinch Press
New Fine Points of Early American Furniture: Good, Better, Best, Superior, Masterpiece, Albert Sock, Crown Publishers, 1993
Fake, Fraud or Genuine, Myrna Kaye, Bulfinch Press, 1991
Guide to Buying and Collecting Early American Furniture, How to Distinguish Period Pieces from Fakes and Reproductions Emyl Jenkins, Crown Publishers, 1991
Field Guide to American Antique Furniture, Jospeh T. Butler


  • Neo-Classical
  • Federal
  • American Empire
  • German Beidermier
Notable Makers and Styles:
  • Duncan Phyfe
  • John Belter
  • Production Centers
Furniture Construction - Clues to Date and Place
  • Woods
  • Tools
  • Nails and Screws
Victorian Era Furniture
Gothic Revival
Spool and Cottage Furniture
Rococo Revival
Louis XVI Revival
Renaissance Revival
Forms, Woods, Motifs
Eastlake Furniture
Arts and Crafts Movement Furniture
  • Mission Furniture
  • Stickley
  • Limbert
  • Greene and Greene
Art Nouveau Furniture
Art Deco
  • Forms, Motifs
  • Designers
American Furniture
  • Shaker Furniture
  • Wicker
  • Cast Iron
  • Windsor
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Shaker
  • Ladder Back
Country and Cottage Furniture

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